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We are here at prophecy countdown to expose false prophecy myths and reveal the truth about end-time-prophecy.

You have begun a process that will help you have a deeper understanding of prophecy and what it reveals. This prophecy series will thrill you with end time prophecies. You will be shocked when these amazing facts are revealed.

This eye opening series about the end-times prophecies will help you understand the future and help you know what to do to survive.



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Prophecy Countdown Articles

Trump Bible Prophecy - Watch the Trump Bible prophecies video and discover shocking facts!

Nostradamus Prophecies Predictions - People have always turned to the Nostradamus prophecies predictions as accurate indicators of what is to come in the world for these reasons...

Bible Code Prophecy - Is the Bible code end times prophecy true? Can you use the Bible code software to predict the future or is that...

World War III Prophecies - Does the Bible predict there will be a World War III? Will the beast power persecute the saints? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

Perry Stone Prophecy - With so many contradictory stories regarding protestant ministers and pastors and their work, it is important to listen to this free prophecy seminar and learn these inmportant facts about the end of the world and...

2012 Mayan Prophecies - When looking at predictions for the end of the world, the Mayan 2012 prophecies are some that have a great deal of resonance and have begun drawing a lot of attention. Throughout history, there has been a real fascination with the end of the world, and there have been many...

Mayan doomsday prophecy - This prediction, hinged on the solstice that will occur on December 12, 2012, is one of the more widely held beliefs, but it is far from the...

Nostradamus the complete predictions - Nostradamus prophecy predictions included his take on the prophecy of the last days. Here’s a look at the man and his myth. Explore World War III and 2012 Mayan 21st Century...

Prophecy Fullfilled - Bible Prophecies Fullfilled - While it is rather amazing to go over the scientific relevance of the prophecy fullfilled, there yet still remains the biblical prophecy that is still to come. The biggest argument of course is the intensity of said prophecy. The book of revelation states...

Fullfilled Prophecy - How interesting is it when one of those passages tells of something in the past that sounds supernatural and far fetched, only to find out that science is just now catching up with the ancient text. God works in mysterious ways.

2012 Prophecy - The beginning of the last cycle was 3113 B.C., which is the dawn of civilization for humankind. Every great cycle we complete is a grand step in our evolution, which brings us to the 2012 prophecies and


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