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World War 3 Pophecies

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World War III Prophecies

Does the Bible predict there will be a World War III? The Bible talks about the beast power presecuting the saints but it does not specify the year or the time in which this will happen nor does it call it World War iii. However, it talks about the revelation by Christ that there will be wars before his return. Christ talks about a time where there will be a mass uprising of nations against nations and man against man. It is also predicted in the Bible that in such a time there will be famines and pestellence all over the world. Also there are earthquake prophecies. All these castrophes will be a significant part before the return of the Christ.


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Are You Ready For World War III Prophecies

During the last century there have been a lot of prophesies made about a lot of events. Chief amongst these prophecies are the World War III prophecies. Many people talked about the world ending with the new millennium i.e. in the year 1999. There were some who predicted the World War III to be somewhere in the 90s. No matter what these predictions have been, they have not really come true.

Hence according to The Bible, there is going to be a world war. At least one world war is sure.In Matthew Jesus spoke of wars and rumors of wars. There are no specifications about the number of wars or the time span of these wars. The Bible does not mention the previous wars like the first and the Second World War in so many details and same is the case with the third world war. However, it does mention that there will be a final war between the good and the evil and before this final confrontation, there will be a number of wars.

In the Book of Revelation, John the Apostle was allowed a glimpse into the future and shown the kind of times to come. His visions and observations are recorded in Revelation 6 and continue from there on. What is noteworthy here is that from this chapter there is a frequent mention of wars and remains so till the return of the Christ in chapter 19.

The book of Revelation says that upon His return, Christ will wage a war against all the evil forces that abound the earth. The verses say that all the kings of the earth along with their forces will fight against Christ while he will sit alone on his horse and even against his own army. The fact that it’s mentioned that kings and empires will fight against Christ clearly means a World war. Moreover, here it has already been predicted that Christ will emerge victorious in this war and all those who are evil and untrue shall be vanquished. Christ will take the devil and the false prophet and punish them by casting them in a lake of fire and completely destroying their army. After this, Christ will rest the land here on earth 1000 years, while in heaven with the saints (believers that keep His commandments). Once these 1000 years are over then Satan will be released and he will try to take over the earth only to be stopped by Christ and cast in the lake of fire.

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