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Free Bible Prophecy Seminar

This 26 part Bible Prophecy Series will thrill you with end time prophecies. You will be shocked when these amazing facts are revealed. Opt in and get started today.


If you ever had questions about the Bible, Bible prophecy, Revelation, the prophetic books of the Bible like book of Daniel or Ezekial this Prophecy series will bring you to a new understanding. It cannot get much clearer than this. And if you've ever read parts of the Bible and stopped because you did not understand what you were reading, this will be a real help. Unlock the mysteries of the Bible and especially the book of Daniel and Revalation with the secret key and understand scripture and Bible prophecy.

Prophecy Lessons:

    1. The Millennial Man - Bible Prophecy
    2. Back to Jerusalem - Bible
    3. The Coming King - Trininty, Second Coming, Rapture
    4. The Rebellious Prince - Prayer
    5. The Supreme Sacrifice - Salvation, victory over sin 
    6. The Law of the King - Law and Judgement
    7.  Bricks Without Straw - Sabbath, 7th day
    8. The Glorious Kingdom - Heaven
    9. The Witch of Endor - Death
    10. Cities of Ash - Truth about hell
    11. River of Life - Baptism
    12. Resting the Land - Millenium
    13. Bowing to Babylon - Prophecy
    14. The Mark of Cain - Prophecy, Sabbath vs Sunday
    15. A Heavenly Model - Sanctuary
    16. Cleansing the Temple - Prophecies
    17. A Tale of Two Women - Church
    18. Windows of Heaven - Tithes
    19. The Daughter's Dance - Prophecy
    20. Ten Times Wiser - Health -Bible Diet
    21. Voice in the Wilderness - Christian Lifestyle
    22. A Jar of Oil - The Holy Spirit
    23. Above the Crowd - Christian Lifestyle
    24. Proving the Prophets - Prophets, Church
    25. The Unsinkable Ship
    26. Bonus

This eye-opening series about the end-times that will strengthen your faith and give you hope for your future.

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