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Perry Stone Bible Prophecy

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Perry Stone Prophecy

What Is the Perry Stone Prophecy? If you are familiar with various Biblical teachings, and if you have come in contact with evangelical information, you may find that you are in a place where you have heard of Perry Stone Bible prophecy. There is a great deal of information out there about this minister and his predicts for the world around us, and a great deal of the information is very controversial. Perry Stone's ministry, the Voice of Evangelism, is one of the fastest growing out there, but he has been repeatedly castigated by the media, other Christians and others. What is Perry Stone's prophecy and what does it suggest for the future?


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Perry Stone Bible Prophecy

Perry Stone is a fourth generation minister who seeks to reach others through disparate means like television, revivals, the printed word, missionary sponsorship, audio/video media and more. He started preaching when he was sixteen, and he received a bachelor's in Theology from Covenant Life Christian College. He is an ordained bishop in the Church of God and he has been given three honorary degrees. Some of his revivals have lasted as long as eleven weeks, and with both his international and national crusade of missioning, he has reached thousands of people every year.

In 31 years of ministry, he as also found time to write more than forty books and booklets, many of them relating to the world as he sees it and the future of both the Christian faith and the fate of the world at large. At his site, there was the sale of meals that were scripturally sound and their purchase and consumption was thought to take care of things like illness and discontent.

Perry Stone America prophecy

Though his work in the evangelism field is well known, another field that he has distinguished himself within is that of Biblical prophecy He has been featured as the keynote speaker at the Prophecy conferences, and he has done a great deal to publicize his expertise. One of the most common and most cited examples of his experience with prophecy is his prediction in 1998 of the election of George W. Bush as the President of the United States. He made this prediction well before Bush had declared his intention to run, even before Bush's research into the feasibility of running.

According to his site, he has personal contact with people in high government and military positions who have given him a direct link to insider information about the fulfillment of Perry Stone Bible prophecy. He was one of the first American ministers to confirm and publicize the search for the ashes of the Biblical Red Heifer, and his predictions concerning the end of the world are held as truth by many Christians.

With so many contradictory stories regarding protestant ministers and pastors and their work, it is important to listen to the free seminar available at BibleProphecySchool.com. This will allow you to sort out a great deal of truth for yourself. Bible Prophecy School.



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Perry Stone prophecy

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